This page is here only as reference for Version 1 customers. All existing licenses are still valid, and support will still be provided.

Syntax, feature activation and license terms have changed with the new release. More Info

Chartwell Pies

Chartwell Pies

Chartwell Bars

Chartwell Bars

Chartwell Lines

Chartwell Lines

Supporting Alphabet

Chartwell Supporting Alphabet

How to Use


1: Turn all ligatures off, and make sure the tracking is set to “0”.

2: Type values. Use “+” to connect values into the same chart.

3: Adjust colors if desired.

4: Turn standard ligatures on, and enjoy!

Pies Specifics

Supports whole number values from 1-100. If the total is greater than 100, a new chart will begin. The letters a-Z create various sized circles that center over the chart, and can be used transform the chart into a ring.

Bars Specifics

Supports whole number values from 1-1,000. There is no limit to the number of stacked values. Values can be stacked to visualize values larger than 1,000. Use “=” to put a top on the bar.

Lines Specifics

Supports whole number values from 1-100. If values greater than 100 are needed, stretch the font vertically. If stretched 200%, all values will appear at twice their value. Be aware, the more a font is stretched, the coarser the increment between values becomes.

Technical Details

PDF Specimen
License Agreement

Designer: Travis Kochel
Released: 2011
Number of glyphs per style: Up to 10,000

Hinting and the Web

@font-face embedding is allowed. These fonts contain PostScript hints only. Be sure to test in all targeted browsers. Check the browser samples before purchasing for uses on the web.

Until there is better support for opentype in browsers, all licenses come with a javascript plugin to do the heavy lifting.

Details and Documentation

Known Issues

Sometimes screen rendering of the live font file can produce artifacts as seen here. These do not show up in printed files, or when saved as a rasterized image format(ie. png, gif, jpg, tif). If consistency is needed for viewing on screen in vector format, consider converting the text to outlines.

On Mac OSX 10.5 and below, applications that rely on the Mac text engine, such as TextEdit, Omnigraffle and iWork are not able to render Chartwell. Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop have their own text engine and are not affected by this issue.

On Mac OSX 10.6 TextEdit and Omnigraffle work, however, the issue is still unresolved in iWork applications.

Microsoft Office does not like Chartwell either, but Excel is probably better suited for those environments.

If you have questions about support in a specific environment, or find a bug, please email me at

OpenType Features

Ligatures (required)

Language Coverage

Only basic numerals, alphabet and punctuation, to aid in preparing the information, have been included.

The Name

Taken from a Wellington street named “Chartwell”.